Not eating or acting herself. Princess needs some diagnostics work done to see what is wrong!
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About the Campaign

Puppy on the street

This little puppy was found roaming the street about 6 months ago. Tiffany saw this little dog on the streets with out an owner. She took the dog to the vet to see if she was chipped but she wasn’t. Tiffany waited to see if someone would claim her but no one did. She Tiffany and her family took in Princess.


For the last three weeks Tiffany noticed that Princess wasn’t eating her food. Tiffany has been trying to get Princess to eat different types of food. She has tried human food (rice and chicken), wet food, dry food and even prescription food. Princess will take at most a bite or two then she will stop eating. Princess also isn’t her spunky self anymore. Princess is spending the day sleeping and not jumping around like normal.

More testing is necessary

Princess went in this weekend 1/5/18 for testing. Luckily, she was negative for Parvo and Giardia. Nothing was found so Princess needs more testing. The family paid for the vet and first set of testing  with all the money they had. Tiffany and her family are stressed out over Princess health. They don’t know what is wrong with their puppy.

Estimate for Testing:


Remember all donations are paid directly to the vet to help me get the testing I need.



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