Abandoned by her owner, Prada was rescued and needs eye surgery so she can find a forever home.

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Her owner left her behind!

Prada and two other dogs (Hope and Bell) stayed with a pet sitter while their owner went back to her country for a brief visit. Or so the pet sitter was told. After some days past her scheduled return time, the owner called and said she would not be coming back to her home in San Bernardino. The dogs were abandoned.

The animal shelter in San Bernardino is old, and way to small for the city’s needs. Right now it is well over 3x capacity, with multiple dogs in pens designed for one dog. Dogs in the city’s shelters are put to sleep on regular basis. The pet sitter did not want to take these three well-behaved house dogs into that system, but she could not keep them. Fortunately the rescue community came together and they were transported to Soul2Soul Animal Rescue in Oregon.

All three got vet care, vaccinated and they all had minor ear infections that were treated as well. Bell and Hope are now great and ready for adoption, but Prada has “cherry eye”. The membrane over the eye inverts, and sort of pops out. It is a correctable condition with surgery.

Cherry eye, if not treated, will lead to chronic dry eye as the tear duct is blocked. This leads to infections and scratching of the eye, even blindness. Prada is just one year old, and should respond well to the surgery, setting her up for life AND also making her easier to adopt as she will be 100% healthy.

Prada in her new foster home:

The rescue recently had an emergency case with a dog that ate sharp plastic, costing over $8000 and is not in a financial position to pay for Prada’s eye surgery. So, Prada needs our help! All donations here are ONLY for Prada, and paid right to the vet when her surgery is performed! You are donating to Prada. Below is her estimate, please click to enlarge (it will be on the high end as she should have the blood test, as she has never had one before):

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  • David &Patricia Smith

    In loving memory of our Wally who is channeling this gift from Heaven. Get well Prada. You are going to make someone very happy…and blessed.

    May 18, 2024 at 6:54 pm Reply