Prada and Mato

These two strays are in bad shape, especially Prada who has a damaged eye.

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About the Campaign

Our Rescue Team Trapped These Two:

We named them Mateo and Prada, a boy and a girl. They were running around stray for some time in Victorville, California, where it had been very hot. Finally they were found hiding under a trailer, and with the homeowner’s permission we were able to trap them!


They seem very attached to each other, as we trapped Prada first, and then Mateo was very easily trapped next as he came looking for her. He also whined and howled strongly when they were temporarily separated.


Both of them were matted and dirty, you can clearly see in the pictures that they had not had a necessary haircut in a long time. Their eyes were totally covered, and the hair closer to their skin was matted and stuck together, with dirt and road oil. And we discovered pretty quickly that the girl, Prada, had an injured eye:

You can see the eye is no longer functional:

We took them together to Camino Pet Hospital in Irvine, and they stayed together there, next to each other, because we recognized they were bonded. On examination it was clear that Prada’s eye had been damaged by some sort of trauma, and no longer worked. The best course for her was to remove the painful, damaged eye. Both Mateo and Prada also needed a medical shaving and bath, with the matting and grime it was quite the project. Then vaccines and other care too!

We think these two are very adoptable, and we have found a foster home for them to go to, which they can leave for soon. Donations are needed to help with these kind of urgent cases. When we hear about a pair like Mateo and Prada, we have to rescue them right away, and then get them to the vet ASAP as well! Your donations keep rescues happening!! Can you help Mateo and Prada with their medical care today?

Vet estimate for Prada (click to enlarge):

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