Picasso has been through chemo and survived this four year old can only see at most 10%. He is cancer free now and is now ready to see.
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About the Campaign

This is the video when Cindy realized Picasso couldn’t see

Picasso rescued from Tijuana

Cindy is the founder of Pibbles n Kibbles Animal Rescue.  Pibbles n Kibbles is a nonprofit that rescues dogs, about 40% of their rescue dogs come from Mexico. Picasso is one of them. Picasso was very sick and his condition was unknown. Cindy was contacted about Picasso and said she would help out.


It was unclear if Picasso had manage or an infection but he had puss coming out of his head and wasn’t physically looking so good. After seeing the vet in Mexico it was clear he had Transmissible Venereal Tumors, TVT. Picasso had a tumor on his throat and on his genital area.


Since Picasso was already in Mexico, Picasso was to have his chemotherapy treatment there with a foster. The first two weeks he had blood transfusions and was being prepped for chemo. Picasso had chemo for about 5 months. Pibbles and Kibbles paid for that weekly. Luckily, the prices in Mexico are significantly cheaper but the cost did add up.

Before and after chemotherapy

Sunken Eye Syndrome

While doing treatment, Cindy was sent video and realized that Picasso couldn’t see. He was diagnosed with Sunken Eye Syndrome. It could either be a birth defect or the virus could have attacked his muscle/ tendons behind the eyeball. His third eyelid is covering his eyes. Cindy thinks he can maybe see some shadows.

Right now

Before he was transferred to America he was tested again and was cleared to be transferred to America. He is doing great with is foster in Southern California. Pibbles n Kibbles know this youthful dog could have the best life if he could only see. Let’s help this dog, he is a survivor!

Estimate for Eye Surgery:

Before reaching out to Free Animal Doctor, Cindy had started another fundraiser with #GivingTuesday: https://www.facebook.com/donate/184657952478534/


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  • Anonymous

    Picasso deserves his sight.

    December 14, 2018 at 1:27 am Reply

  • Jessica Richards

    We love you sweet Picasso! Here’s to a happy new year! 😙

    January 2, 2019 at 5:19 pm Reply