Penny suffers from torn CCLs in both knees, requiring urgent surgery.

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About the Campaign

Penny Needs Your Help for Crucial Surgery

Sweet Penny, suffering in silence, needs care!

Katie adopted Penny when she was just an 8-week-old puppy. Penny came from a neighbor who had a large litter of 24 puppies but unfortunately didn’t take proper care of them. When Katie took Penny to the vet for the first time, she was shocked by the poor puppy’s condition. Penny was infested with parasites, had a severe wound from a bite, and was suffering from chronic UTIs due to ectopic ureters. Despite all these issues, Katie was determined to nurse Penny back to health.

Through medication and dedicated care, Penny’s health began to improve. However, her journey was far from over. Penny continued to struggle with chronic incontinence and even experienced a prolapsed uterus. Katie, guided by the vet, managed Penny’s condition with medications and ensured she lived a comfortable life. At 92 pounds, Penny’s large size added to the challenges, but Katie never gave up.

Recently, while playing at the park, Katie noticed Penny limping. Initially thinking it might be hip dysplasia, she rushed her to the vet. After thorough examinations and x-rays, it was discovered that Penny had torn cranial cruciate ligaments (CCL) in both knees. The initial diagnosis suggested arthritis, but further investigation revealed the real issue: Penny needed surgery on both knees.

The vet recommended doing surgery on both knees at the same time. This approach is ultimately cheaper and better for Penny’s recovery in the long run, reducing risk of reinjury. Katie, a full-time working mom with four children, has already spent over $5000 on Penny’s chronic conditions. She managed to save $3000 for this crucial surgery, but it’s not enough to cover the total cost.

Here’s where you can help. Penny has been through so much, and Katie has always been there for her. But now, they need a community of dog lovers to step in and help them overcome this hurdle. All donations for Penny’s surgery will be paid directly to the vet. With your support, Penny can get the surgery she needs to live a happy, pain-free life.

Your generosity can make a significant difference. Please consider donating to Penny’s surgery fund. Below is a copy of the estimate for Penny’s surgery, click to enlarge it. Thank you for your kindness and support!

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