Little dudes got a possible foxtail in his body
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Intercepted from the pound…

Peanut has been living with Lisa for the last three years. Lisa is connected with a rescue and was asked to take Peanut and Fancy her other dog. These two dogs were about to be dumped at the pound but Lisa found room in her home for them.

A few weeks ago Lisa noticed a spot on Peanut. Lisa took the pup to the vet where they aren’t sure what the spot is but the vet most likely suspects the spot to be a foxtail. Lisa says she makes sure her backyard is well kept and there isn’t anything the pups can get into.

Important to remove foxtail

Foxtails and grass seed awns are designed to do one thing: burrow. This is how the grass spreads as the seed slowly works its way deeper and deeper into soil and becomes lodged when the barb-like spines set in place. And this is why foxtails are such a hazard to dogs. They will continue to push through their skin and into their bodies. We want to make sure if it is a foxtail to have it removed immediately before harm is done.

The Procedure

The vet needs to take an x-ray and do a bloodwork panel on Peanut due to his heart murmur. Once these items are complete and look good, Peanut will be able to have the procedure.

Lisa is able to pay for the day to day needs of the dogs. However, Lisa is on disability and asking for help with this extra expense. Peanut is less than 5 years old, still has a lot of life to live.


Vet Estimate:

Free Animal Doctor pays 100% of the money raised directly to the vets bill. All donations are tax deductible.



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