This little dude has a bladder blockage
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Ana and Patrick

Ana got Patrick as a 7 month old kitten at the humane society. He is now a 2 year old cat.  Yesterday, Ana noticed something wasn’t right with Patrick. She was looking to him to give him some love and couldn’t find him. Ana said she found him under the bed and hissing at her. Patrick has never responded like that. If she were to touch his belly he would cry. Then Ana noticed he was going back and forth to the litter box and not doing anything but falling asleep in there.


Patrick just went to the vet this afternoon after being seen by the vet the vet decided to immediately sedate Patrick and place in the catheter. Patricks bladder had crystals and was so full it was started to expand. The vet suggests three days of hospitalization with monitoring and medicine.

Ana had to put $200 down to have Patrick stay for three days. She needs $600 to have him back and healthy. Ana hadn’t been in work for over a month and she just got a new job as a nurse extern.


Vet Estimate:

Free Animal Doctor raises money for sick and injured animals. FAD only raises the amount of money needed stated from the vet. FAD pays all animal veterinary bills directly. All donations are tax deductible. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions: 626-325-6296


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One comment

  • Sheryl Shiras

    FAD helped raise money for my cat, so I want to help someone else

    March 21, 2020 at 2:04 pm Reply