Rescued from the shelter with a 5/6 grade heart murmur
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Papas the 14 year old Pomeranian

Irene is a Pomeranian rescuer. Irene saw there was a Pomeranian, Papas, in the Lancaster shelter that was had a high grade heart murmur. Papas’ was an owner surrender.  Irene will rescue dogs from the valley to the high desert. She knew that it would be almost impossible for someone to adopt Papas. So she took the drive out to go get him. When she pulled Papas on his record it indicated that he had his heart murmur but also an issue with his gums. Once Irene got Papas she had x-rays done and tested for heart worms. He was negative for heart worms and the xray showed he had CHF and some arthritis in his hip.

The shelter was so happy Irene came to save Papas. The shelter knew that Papas needed to get out and live a happy life. 

Irene will always put her animals first. She even treats them with holistically and naturally. Due to Papas being older, 14 years to be exact, putting him under isn’t an option. Irene is very educated in using alternative medicine to control Papas heart murmur. She gives Papas Amber Technology Heart Remedy to maintain his needs. Irene’s doctor wants to have a senior workup on Papas. Irene is on disability – a fixed income, she is able to afford the daily medicine but additional testing is out of her pay.


Click the blue link to see the vet estimate: Papa’s vet estimate


All donations are tax deductible. Free Animal Doctor pays 100% of the money directly to Papas vet.




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