She’s just 2 years-old, and suddenly has an aggressive cancer that she is fighting.

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About the Campaign

Paisley is only 2 years old!

She’s a very sweet Pitt-mix that Kelli rescued just about 7 months ago. 

At first Kelli just went to check on Paisley, to help find her home. Paisley’s owner could not keep her, and was looking to rehome her. Kelli took one of her dogs (she has 3 others, all rescues too) to meet and check Paisley’s behavior and wouldn’t you know, they were almost instantly best friends, running around with each other and playing! So, in short, Kelli ended up adopting Paisley.

Paisley and Kelli:

Now see, Kelli had lost a dog to cancer just about a month before, and was still quite upset about it, and Paisley came in like a breath of excited, happy life and just cheered everyone up! Instantly got along with all of the other dogs and was just fantastic.

Paisley and the “team”!

Then, about a month ago, there was a lump on her throat. At first Kelli thought she had swallowed something, or maybe been stung by a bee? It just came out of nowhere. She took Paisley to the vet that same day, and they thought it was cancer. That led to visiting a specialist (an oncologist) and over $2500 in tests, leading to the diagnosis: lymphoma, a dangerous and aggressive cancer.

The good thing is it was caught fast, like probably as fast as possible, and Paisley got into chemotherapy right away, she’s already had one treatment and is on a 26 week treatment plan. But the problem is Kelli doesn’t have the money or credit to pay much more. She is employed, but spent over $4000 treating her dog who passed away, and now has added $2500 more in expenses getting Paisley tested and started on treatment. Her care-credit is maxed out again, and the chemo is about $350 a week.

Fortunately a foundation paid for the first week, and Kelli expects to get some other small help, but still about $4500 of the estimated $6000 total cost is need to fund Paisley’s complete treatment. All donations are for Paisley only, and only paid to the veterinarians for her treatment, no money is ever paid to the owner or any other individual. If you can help Paisley fight cancer, please make a donation right now, thanks!!

Some of the estimates for weekly treatment, the cost varies by week. You can click the image to enlarge it:

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