Dumped at the shelter saved by a Compassionate Animal Advocate Team member (CAATS FRIENDS). Now this cat has stomatitis and needs help so he can be pain free available for adoption.
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About the Campaign

CAAT Friends

A team meber from CAAT Friends, was at the Carson shelter picking up paperwork for her organization when she noticed a lady trying to leave a cat. (CAAT Friends is a networking group whose speciality is neonatal kittens.) The lady said she found this girl cat and didn’t know what to do with it. The team member said that orange cats are most likely male and this cat looked to be a neutered male. Finally the lady asked what would happen if she left the cat and the team member said there was a high chance for euthanasia. After explaining to the lady different options she left the cat at the shelter.

Carson shelter calls CAAT FRIENDS

After the mandatory hold for Otto, CAAT’s was asked if she could take Otto before he was put to sleep. They pulled their resources together and got Otto a foster home. Typically, the cats that CAAT Friends takes in are kittens but Christy knew this cat needed her help!

Otto with his foster family! 


Not much is known about Otto but this might have been the reason Otto was found and dropped off at the shelter. The vet suggested to have a full mouth extraction to help his stomatitis. Stomatitis is painful inflammation of the cat’s mouth. Typically the condition causes ulcers that can include the lips, tongue, back and throat. This makes it hard for the cat to want to eat and can make the cat very sick. CAATS friends is just asking for a partial extraction to keep cost down and see if this will help with his infection.


Otto’s Medical Statement:

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  • Darleen Stewart

    Saw story CBS. Want to help such a great program

    November 22, 2018 at 8:45 pm Reply