Little man has developed some rotted teeth and infected gums.

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Oscar’s momma passed away, this was about three years ago, but he had no one to take him in. Marcia had been his groomer, since he was a little puppy, so she adopted him. Since then Marcia has retired, and Oscar… well this cute little guy developed a gum infection and has some rotted teeth.

He’s got a lot of personality, and his own funny quirks. Oscar is very scared of strangers for example, but once he knows a person he goes completely the other way around and is very social!

Marcia noticed about six months ago that his breath was getting bad. Oscar went to see the doctor in early November, and they got an estimate. But Marcia didn’t have the money. She has been trying to save up for it, but it just has not been possible.

Oscar has been a great dog, and Marcia and her husband love him a lot! She has spent over $1000 on him for various vet visits, he has a low grade heart murmur, but money this year is very tight. Her husband is disabled now, and has had heart surgery himself.

Hubby and the dog:

So what does Oscar need? With his age and his heart murmur he needs a specific type of surgery set up, just to be careful, and then he will need some teeth removed, thorough cleaning of those that remain and some work on his gums. All donations are specifically for Oscar, just for him! Also, we hold the donations and only pay them to the doctor when the surgery is performed. We know the clinic and the doctor in this case, Dr Tarantino, and are confident Oscar will get good care! So donate in confidence, and know that if the surgery is not done for whatever reason, your donation will be refunded.

Vet estimate (click to enlarge):

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  • Dana Haveson

    Feel better Oscar,

    January 2, 2023 at 12:19 pm Reply