O'Neil has a polyp in his ear that needs to be removed
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Certain breeds have a predisposition of getting ear infections due to the anatomy of the ear. O’Neil is one of those dogs. He has been diagnosed with ear infections so many times. Now a polyp has formed in his ear canal. The removal of the polyp would prevent and moisture getting stuck in the ear causing the infection.

Linda, O’Neils mom said O’Neil is very tolerant of pain and he loves giving hugs!

“How Are Ear Polyps in Pets Treated?

If an ear polyp goes untreated, it often interferes with an ear’s normal function, resulting in waxy buildup and chronic infections. This can be smelly and painful for your pet. The physical presence of the polyp can be irritating, and, if in the right location, interfere with hearing or balance.

Typically, the most effective treatment for pet ear polyps is surgical removal. Luckily, most of these are only attached by a long, thin stalk so they can be pulled up into an area where they can be seen and removed easily. This technique can have a high recurrence rate, though, as the base of the tumor is usually not able to be removed.” From Oakland Veterinary Referral Service. 

O’Neil has one tooth that is decaying and needs to be pulled to prevent more damage. The longer the decayed tooth stays the worst the infection will get.

Linda and O’Neil have been together since O’Neil was weeks old. He was the puppy no one wanted. O’Neil is now 7 years old and living the best life with Linda.

Here is the vet estimate for O’Neil:

Linda was recently laid off and needs a little help getting her pup fixed.

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