Ollie stopped eating and the initial vet visit didn't give any answers.
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Only three years old

Ollie hasn’t been doing so well the last three days. It started when his owner, Krystal noticed he wasn’t playing with his sister and  Ollie wasn’t running away when the kids decided to come close to him. For the last two days Ollie has only been drinking minimal amount of water and liquid from the wet cat food. Ollie will find a spot to lay down and not move.


Ollie and Mollie

Now Photo 

Ollie not eating her food

Vet Visit October 22nd

This morning Ollie went to vet for a consultation. At this visit the vet didn’t see anything alarming. Ollie’s mouth looked ok, he had some gingivitis but not the reason for the Ollie not eating. The vet wants to make sure there is nothing stuck in his stomach, that he doesn’t have lymphoma, or and infection. The tests the vet put on the vet estimate are to help figure out what is exactly wrong with Ollie.

Krystal is a single mom who works part time with two kids.  Ollie was given to Krystal as a gift a few months after she had to put her previous cat down.

Krystal has been trying to syringe feed Ollie for the last few days but Ollie hasn’t been wanting to eat or drink. Krystal has tried different foods but so far nothing has worked. The sooner the vet does the test the better so if there is something serious the vet can help Ollie immediately.

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Vet Estimate:


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    I pray Ollie gets the care she needs and is happy and playing in no time!

    November 3, 2019 at 1:41 pm Reply