Old Man Stu

Help a little ol’ stray get fixed up and healthy?

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About the Campaign

On a cold Sunday afternoon in San Bernardino, Karen stopped at an intersection, and walking down the sidewalk was a little dog, with a harness on and his leash dangling behind him!

She hopped out, and the little dog was friendly, got right in the car!

Of course with the harness and leash, Karen thought she would find an owner. But to summarize a week of looking, posting flyers, going online… all of it…. nothing. He wasn’t microchipped. There was no collar, and no tags… and he was not healthy.

Karen named him Stu, and she took him to the vet. Stu has some serious conditions that have been neglected for a long time. The main thing: He has rotted teeth and a gum infection, and some sort of rather large tumor (as you can see above) drooping off his tail. All of these things are noticeable easily, so someone wasn’t getting him proper care.

Did someone just let him go with his harness and leash? Maybe they tied him up to a fence, people do that when they abandon a dog, and he got away?

Stu is a well behaved guy, and he really likes to follow people around (see the video above). He needs a little work, but hey, who doesn’t!? It’s too much for Karen, they can’t keep him or afford the care, but if they take him to Devore shelter (the shelter for where he was found), he probably won’t make it out. So we arranged for him to go to Camino Pet Hospital, and he needs donations!

Camino will care for Stu at a much lower rate than these first estimates Karen got, but it isn’t minor either. Help a little ol’ man out? Stu and all of us would appreciate it! Thank you 🙂

Vet estimate (click to enlarge):

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  • Anonymous

    Thank you for taking him in. Good luck with his care.

    December 23, 2022 at 8:20 am Reply

  • Annie Shih

    Thank you for helping him!!!

    December 24, 2022 at 12:33 pm Reply