Nala tore her ACL and needed surgery! This family could really use your help! Please read their amazing story.
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About the Campaign

This is Nala

Nala is a 1 year old, loving, beautiful, Staffordshire Terrier, that tore her ACL a few weeks ago. Nala’s tear was quite severe preventing her from any movement and it needed to be treated immediately. By the time her owner, Elaine, found Free Animal Doctor, Nala had to go into surgery. Here at Free Animal Doctor, we do not fundraise for vet bills. However, we have made an exception for you Elaine and Nala and we hope you can see why.

This sweet rescue puppy, who when she was just born, found her head inside the mouth of a much larger dog. This dog bit poor Nala puncturing her skull leaving her to need extensive medical care. It was Elaine who took her in and nursed her back to health. Elaine had a German Shepherd, Nadia, who treated Nala as if she were her own puppy. Nadia, Nala, and Elaine began their lives together and Nala fit right in.

Nala is Elaine’s emotional support animal. After losing her eldest son, Joel to the war in Iraq, Elaine was disheveled. This would be the second man she’s lost to war. Her father was killed in Vietnam and the amount of loss seemed too much to bear. Elaine always remembered that dogs bring  love back into the home after a tragic experience. That’s exactly what Nala did for Elaine. Now, Elaine wishes to bring love back into the homes of the fallen by providing them with animals who need good homes.

Since Joel’s passing, Elaine has lost her business, her home, and had to file for bankruptcy. Thankfully, Nala’s been by her side all the way through. While moving, Nala had injured herself and created small tears in her ACL. It wasn’t alarming nor did it need immediate action. Nala’s leg was braced and this helped a lot for her mobility. But with Nala’s inquisitive puppy nature, she reinjured herself and  her ACL had torn all full through. Everything happened so quickly  and Elaine didn’t hesitate to get the surgery done. She used her rent money to pay of Nala’s surgery and has now found herself in a very tough situation. As always we pay the vet directly. So, the animal hospital is willing to refund the difference in the amount fundraised so we’d like to help Elaine out as much as we can.

Elaine – Nala Medica

Currently, Nala is on rest for 6 weeks. Elaine says the hardest part is keeping her quiet and calm through recovery. We’re positive Nala will be fine. Now in Nala’s time of need, Elaine will be the emotional support for her and do all she can to get her through the recovery process. The matter of the bill and Elaine’s rent are still at bay. Any amount helps! No donation is too small when it comes to crowdfunding. We thank Elaine and her family for their service. Our hearts reach out to those who’ve fallen in war and we hope that you’ll be able to give back to them, as much as they have to us.

Thank you for your support!



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  • Eileen Hilburn

    Nala deserves to be able to run and jump again! Thank you, Elaine, for all you do (serving and supporting others) as a Gold Star Mom and a Gold Star Daughter🇺🇸❤️🇺🇸

    September 28, 2018 at 8:20 pm Reply

    • Elaine

      Thank you Eileen for all your love and support and for sharing this opportunity with me.

      October 17, 2018 at 10:10 am Reply

  • Bob Quaranta

    We love Nala and Elaine.

    September 30, 2018 at 9:48 am Reply

    • Elaine

      Bob….Thank you so much for your help for Nala. I know you are such a generous man and have always helped others…… plus a great animal lover. God Bless!!

      October 17, 2018 at 10:22 am Reply

  • Linda Quaranta

    We love Nala and Elaine.

    September 30, 2018 at 9:53 am Reply

    • Elaine

      I can’t thank you enough for helping Nala and always supporting.

      October 18, 2018 at 7:04 pm Reply

  • Kiersten Vaughan

    Elaine, my heart breaks for Nala, wish I could do more. ❤️Kiersty

    October 18, 2018 at 6:01 pm Reply