Nala Girl

Nala has a lump that needs to be removed before it becomes dangerous
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About the Campaign

Nala the mix lab

Even though this lady is nine years old, she acts like a puppy. Nala favorite thing to do is play with plastic water bottles. Nala has been with her mom, Bridget since Bridget rescued her from the pound. Bridget even wanted to take Nala’s sister home too but she was adopted before she could get them both.

Why Nala is special?

Bridget has been diagnosed with PTSD.  When her medicine can’t get her out of her funk, Nala helps Bridget feel better. Bridget says that Nala will do silly stuff and make her laugh. Laughter is the best medicine for Nala too when she’s feeling down.

About a year ago Bridget noticed two lumps that where on her back. At first Bridget wasn’t too concerned about the lumps because they would swell up but then swell back down…one even popped open. The one that is left was examined by the vet. The vet says the good news is the lump moves so it hasn’t spread to other parts of the body or the bone. Meaning the vet says the sooner the lump is removed the better.

Vet Estimate:

Prevention is key! Help fund the removal of the lump. 

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