Muffin has gone blind and needs help with the cataract surgery
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About the Campaign

Meet Muffin Banales


About two weeks ago Adriana (fur mother) noticed that Muffin’s (poodle dog) sight was gone. Muffin had started to run into almost everything, when Adriana put her outside to play she was hitting her head on the tables, parked cars and even running into the fence outside. Adriana started using smells to get Muffin to follow her around and to use the restroom. 

Adriana has a medical condition, in which she was getting ready to train Muffin to be her service animal. Now that Muffin has lost her sight Adriana isn’t able to get her certified. Adriana’s house hold as one income and a $7,000 surgery isn’t in the budget. Muffin is their fur child and means everything to them. Adriana’s option is to only find a way to get Muffin the surgery.


Adriana started a Gofundme which wasn’t very successful. Click the blue link to see her Gofundme page.

The vet says the surgery is 99.5 % successful but needs to be done as soon as possible. Currently, Muffin just has cataracts but the vet says the longer the surgery waits the more chances of Muffin getting glaucoma goes up. Glaucoma isn’t a fixable surgery.

The first part of the procedure will be a $1,000 eye exam that has to be done a week before the testing to guide the vet on the surgery. Then the surgeon will repair both eyes. The price for surgery is high due to the surgeon is a specialist and both eyes need to be done.

Estimate for the testing:

Estimate for the procedure on both eyes:


Help Muffin get back to her playful self! 

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  • Jackie Avila

    It is not a lot but I have three babies of my own😔💗

    July 10, 2019 at 5:02 am Reply

  • Jackie Avila

    Not a lot but I have three babies of my own💗

    July 10, 2019 at 5:06 am Reply