Mr. Peanut

Needs an eye removal immediately.
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Mr. Peanut

Paulette has a company where she does massage therapy on animals. Paulette was contacted by a lady who wanted to give up her dog, a dog that bites. The lady thought that Paulette was a rescue, misunderstanding she does therapy. Paulette knew that a dog that has a tendency to bite wouldn’t have a chance at the shelter so Paulette decided to take the pup, Peanut.

Shortly after getting Peanut, one of Paulettes other dogs got Peanut in the eye. This wouldn’t be a big deal to fix but since Peanut bites, putting eye medicine and the treatment is going to be close to impossible. *** The two dogs are separated now and are being carefully monitored when they are together. ***

Diagnosis from the vet:

Peanut has been diagnosed with severe right eye/ocular injuries. Dr. McNabb stated that the end result of any very costly surgery to repair is only 60% possible success and because Peanut is difficult to medicate – he bites – she recommends enucleation. She stated that this is a very serious and painful situation and stressed that pain control is essential.

Peanut has been to two vets and they both agree the best thing for him is to get an eye removal, enucleation.

Currently Peanut is on pain medicine until he has his surgery. 
Vet Estimate from Sweet Water:

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