Young pup needs his ear sewn up, and some medication.

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About the Campaign

Rescued pup is already a big boy,

but he cut his ear badly and needs a vet visit!

Mongo and nine other puppies were rescued, along with their mom, by Samuel out by Morro Bay, in California. He’s gotten about half the pups adopted, and got all of them and mom to a vet for vaccines and such. He’s spent nearly $2000.

Mongo in the middle:

A few days ago, he was checking on them, and Mongo has this big cut right through his ear flap! Not a big deal to the ear itself, but it needs to be sewn up, and it could get infected.

Samuel is short on money now, he is a musician and artist living a bit off the grid in a rural area, and needs help to pay for Mongo. He has a guess-estimate from the vet that it will be about $650 and Sam can pay a bit of it, but Mongo still needs to get about $500 to have his ear fixed up and get some antibiotics. All donations are just for him, and paid to the vet.


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