Mona was diagnosed with degenerative spinal disease and now has tumor.
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About the Campaign

Leslie adopted Mona a few years ago. Everything was going well until a few years ago. There was a small incident at the dog groomer, where Leslie isn’t sure what happened but ever since then Mona has been limping on and off. Recently, the limping is getting worse and action needed to be taken in order for Mona to heal.

After the vet visit

The vet suggests taking X-rays on her back and her spine to see actually where the bone is deteriorating. Knowing the exact spots will help with continual treatment. Mona has been spayed but over the last few months has developed a mass on her breast that concerns the vet. Typically, masses develop in dogs that haven’t been spayed.

Once the X-rays come back the vet will know exactly where to apply acupuncture. The vet has suggested acupuncture to help ease the pain and inflammation. The vet would like to continue with acupuncture before moving into surgery on the spine. The vet has mentioned that the diseases is most likely genetic. However, the mass needs to be examine to make sure Mona doesn’t have cancer.


Click the blue link for the vet estimate: Petsadena_Estimate_Mona_4-2019


Leslie is a full time student paying her way through college. She has also paid for some acupuncture sessions and will continue to do so.


All donations are tax deductible. Free Animal Doctor pays the amount raised directly to the vet.


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  • Antonia Middleton

    Her beautiful face… soulful eyes.

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