Internal infection (uterus) requires surgery soon, or a rupture could kill her.

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Molly has Pyometra

This is an infection of the uterus, and much like an appendicitis, the infection can cause a rupture and flood the body with infect, and the shock then will kill Molly.

You can see how swollen her belly is:

Molly was adopted by Jennifer when Molly was a pup of 6 months. A family had gotten her thinking she was a small dog, but Molly turned out to be a big ol’ Pittie girl! And the family didn’t want a big dog.

About a week ago Molly was bleeding a little, and Jennifer noticed she seemed to be swelling. A visit to the doctor got her antibiotics and a lot of fluids, including an drip to use at home. But the solution is surgery, and Molly is getting worse.

Jennifer is a single mom, and her adult son is the only source of income right now. They need help paying for her surgery, though they have some of the money. The estimate is quite high, but Molly is a big girl, however the doctor has told us the price will be lower, he will offer a discount. Please click the estimate below to enlarge.

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  • Donna Shaver

    dire situation

    April 6, 2024 at 7:57 pm Reply