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Mollie has Cushing's Syndrome.
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Sweet Rescue

Finally has her Diagnosis

Mollie was rescued by Cydna at 7 months old, she is now 9 years-old. For the last two years Mollie has had chronic health issues which have only gotten worse.

Poor Mollie began chewing at her feet all the time, and has even chewed some parts of her legs to open sores, which can be endanger of infection. She also had some tests that came back with worrying results.
In December of 2020 we did a fundraiser for Mollie to pay for extensive tests she needed to determine what was wrong. That fundraiser was a success, see it here, and she has had her tests and consultations.

What is needed:

Mollie has Cushing’s Syndrome, which you can read about here, and some severe allergic reactions as well. All of this may be tied in together in some way as well. The doctor wants to begin treatment for Cushing’s and the allergies. The doctor has proposed an intensive treatment plan over the next three months with monthly treatments and tests to see how they are going.

Financial situation:

Her owner Cydna spends a lot of money on a special diet, and on her past exams and tests. Cydna is a widow, who lives on Social Security, and with Mollie’s regular expenses she just does not have enough money to pay for this treatment.

All donations are specifically for Mollie and are only paid to the vet for her medical care, please donate in confidence today!

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