She yelps in sudden pain when standing, and needs x-rays of her knee and hips to see what is going on.

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Young dog with very painful knee

Mocha is two years-old, and a great family dog! Starting last month she would YELP suddenly out of nowhere when getting up. Like she was struck with a sudden, sharp pain.

Mocha and Anissa:

Later her owner Rachelle caught this on a security camera, where Mocha got up, stretched, suddenly yelps and then lays down sadly.

At first she hoped it was just some temporary thing, but it has gotten worse, and now Mocha seems almost afraid to walk around much. She took Mocha to the vet and they gave her some anti-inflammatory medications which have helped a little, but Mocha still has these sudden sharp pains, and they seem to shock her.

Mocha was a very active dog, and now Rachelle tries to keep her more still… and Mocha cannot run around and play with the kids or with her best dog-friend either, though the cat does give her some company!

Let’s help Mocha get the x-ray and check she needs to see what is wrong with her knees (or hips)! Rachelle managed to get the first vet visit done, but does not have the money or credit available for the x-rays and analysis, she is a single mom and lives in subsidized housing. All donations here are just for Mocha, and we pay them only, and directly to the veterinarian!

Vet estimate (click to enlarge):


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