Surrendered by her owner, an independent rescuer saved Miya who needs financial help now.
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This beauty was tied up outside to live

Miya was in a horrible living condition being tied up in the backyard. Miya was teased by her owners and after being covered in mud did try to attack her owners and that was the turning point and the cause of her surrender.


Miya is a six years old beauty. Due to her age being able to get her socialized was a little harder than expected. Miya wasn’t able to get adopted out so Tony and Lisa kept her as their pup.

Pups being pups

While Miya’s parents weren’t looking, she took a toy. She decided to eat the toy and swallow the cow hoof that was on the end of the toy. The hoof got all the way through the stomach until it hit a turn in the intestine. This is when the hoof cut 18 inches of intestine. Miya started to get septic and had to have an emergency surgery.


After surgery Miya was having a hard time eating. Lisa and Tony had her stay in the hospital four days after due to not eating. After the four days the hospital told Lisa it was time for her to go home and heal because Miya wasn’t happy at the hospital. When she got home and saw Tony her demeanor changed completely. Miya is doing 100% better. She is eating and loving life. Miya went to the last check up and the doctor was so impressed with her recovery, the doctor showed her off to the whole office to show her off.


The vet bill is open and allowing payment plans. This independent rescue is asking for any help.

Outstanding Bill:

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  • Lisa Larramendy

    Thank You to F A D for your help with Miya, Lisa

    January 11, 2019 at 1:37 pm Reply

  • Sarah Smith

    Hey FAD! I miss working with you and wanna help whenever I can! It’s not much but hopefully it helps!

    January 17, 2019 at 3:22 pm Reply