Miss Daisy

Poor little Miss Daisy needs surgery asap! Walking around ion 3 working legs is no fun!
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This is Daisy

This adorable, little, 2 year old Yorkie, hurt her leg really bad. A couple months ago, Daisy ran out of the house after her owner, Nashanda. Like any other pup Daisy loves to see her owner come home after a long day. But, when Daisy was coming back inside, poor baby began limping. Nashanda immediately took her to the vet. The vet said Daisy’s leg needed to be splinted and they would need to recheck and re-splint every week.

Well, after 2 months splinting, Daisy’s leg did not heal correctly. The only option now is surgery. She needs to repair her fractured bone and luckily, the surgery isn’t as costly as it usually is. About $600 can save this little cutie’s leg. When Daisy first broke her leg she was in tremendous amounts of pain. She was given medication and the splint n hopes that surgery wouldn’t have been necessary. As of now, Daisy is no longer on medication and isn’t is as much pain but the race to surgery is on!

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Nashanda got Daisy May of this year from a friend. Since then, the two have ben inseparable. Daisy loves her dog mom more than words can describe. She follows her everywhere and they are truly attached at the hip. Daisy is spoiled in the best way possible. Unfortunately, Nashanda isn’t working at this time and simply cannot afford major surgery. Daisy is her little baby and she’s doing all she can to keep her comfortable and get her the care she needs. She’s hoping this campaign will be able to assist with that. A little helps a lot! So Please, can we have your assistance? If you’re unable to donate, please help spread the word!


Help Save Daisy’s Leg! 

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  • Maritza G

    I will like to lend a helping hand to this poor baby.

    November 16, 2018 at 8:37 pm Reply