Shelter rescue needs cherry-eye surgery, and this lucky girl has gotten a great price too! A little donation will help her a lot!

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Mila needs eye surgery,

so she can get adopted!

Mila is a just a little over a year old, and because she has “cherry-eye” the animal shelter was going to put her to sleep. The reasoning is that a dog needing corrective surgery just will not be adopted.

Fortunately the rescue SCARS (website) got Mila out of the shelter on the day she was schedule to be euthanized. The rescue had been promised that the eye surgery would be paid for, so they agreed to take her. However, that fell through. They actually saved two dogs from the shelter that day, under this same promise, the other is Whisky (see his fundraiser HERE).

Mila at the shelter:

Mila also has a condition where she shakes (or twerks), especially her rear legs and hips. It comes and goes, and varies in intensity depending on how excited she is. The veterinarian says it most likely is the side effect of Distemper, a deadly virus that is commonly vaccinated for, but which we see in young stray and unvaccinated dogs. Mila obviously survived Distemper, but it left her with nerve damage which causes this twerking, or shaking. It is all very clear to see in the video above.

The rescue has managed to arrange a very low price for Mila’s surgery, which also includes being spayed, something the shelter did not do. The cost more than 50% off what this procedure would normally cost at even a low cost veterinary clinic, so a donations really go a long way here! And if Mila can get her surgery, then SCARS is certain they can get her adopted. She is a very fun, and happy little dog and is learning fast to live inside and with other dogs too. Your donation is specifically for Mila and paid right to her vet!

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  • Debbie Anderson

    Hoping sweet Mila gets her surgery soon, and has a speedy, full recovery. Hugs!

    November 16, 2023 at 10:05 am Reply

  • Andrew Fosheim

    Dam this dog is lucky he found you guys.

    November 16, 2023 at 8:12 pm Reply