Little guy cannot stand on his back legs, needs knee surgery.
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About the Campaign

What a cute little puppy!

This is Miklo. He was adopted from Hope Animal Shelter in Arizona back in May as a puppy. Miklo was one of four puppies born in the shelter to a stray momma.

About a week ago he started walking funny, even dragging his back legs! His owner Brianna took him to the doctor and he has luxating patella, birth defect in the knees. This condition usually does not appear until the dog gets to about Miklo’s age, around 5-6 months. You can read about this condition in dogs here.

Little Miklo is just six months old now, and has his whole life in front of him. This type of surgery has a very high success rate, and should allow Miklo to live a normal, full life where he can walk and play and run!

Financial Situation

Brianna contacted Hope Animal, and they have been in touch with the surgeon to get 30% off the estimated price! Also, before she found us, Brianna started a GoFundMe which has raised $200, and that amount is also discounted from the need amount.

Brianna is a single mom, with two other rescue dogs. She has already spent $700+ getting Miklo examined and diagnosed, and just does not have the available funds for the required surgery. All donations here are only for Miklo and are only paid to the vet directly!

Vet estimate (click to enlarge):

X-rays (click to enlarge):


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One comment

  • SeEtta Moss

    What a sweet baby.

    September 25, 2020 at 8:45 pm Reply