Melle is itchy and irritated, chewing and scratching all day long. A number of tests are needed to help him get better now!
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About the Campaign

Poor Melle Cannot Stop Scratching

No quality of life, being driven crazy!

Sierra Madre resident Sam got Melle nearly 10 years ago as a puppy. Melle was being neglected by his neighbor at the time, and Sam talked with them and made arrangements to take Melle in!
He’s been a great dog, and a healthy dog, but about a year ago started having these itchy bumps and rashes that got worse. Sam spent $1000’s at the vet, including a specialist in Culver City, but the problem would come back, and has now even gotten worse!

Melle often wakes up in the morning and starts scratching and biting.

If he is coned or otherwise no allowed to get at her itchy bumps, he goes nuts and will go right at them when the cone is removed. Sam has switched his diet, and is now doing a full raw diet, but though there was some temporary relief, the condition has come back as bad as ever.

Sam takes care of a number of other rescue animals, and with the vet costs, the more expensive raw diet, medications and all of it he has managed to max out both his Care Credit. The doctors now want to do a full range of tests, for environmental and food allergies as well as a gut biome. It also turns out there are a few lumps that may be mast-cells, and need a biopsy.

Anyone who has themselves developed allergies, or has had a pet that has done so, at an older age, will know how frustrating and expensive it can be to narrow down the problem. But poor Melle is really suffering and Sam needs everyone’s help to get Melle the tests he needs to fully get to the bottom of it, and fix it!

All donations are only paid to the veterinarians, never to the owner. Donate in confidence, knowing your donation will go where you intended: To help Melle live a normal, pain free life! Thank you!



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