Mckenzie Needs Rehab!

5 year old Mckenzie has just had her second surgery for her femur. This poor girl went through a world of pain and now she needs your help to be on her way to living a normal life again! Please help Mckenzie make it to rehabilitation!
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About the Campaign

Say Hello to Mckenzie

Poor Mckenzie has been through two surgeries in just a couple of months. A few months ago Kenzie broke her femur and needed surgery asap! Her owner, Melissa made sure she did everything she could in order to get her back on all 4 paws. So, Kenzie got the surgery she needed and was on her way to recovery.

Shortly after, Melissa noticed that Mckenzie wasn’t using her leg and worst of all she was in a lot of pain. After some more X-rays and a deeper look, the animal hospital told Melissa that the large pins put in little Kenzie’s legs were being rejected. This is what was causing her so much pain and the inability to walk. The two large pins were actually refracturing the leg causing a more significant injury. This is when Melissa reached out to us.

Her animal hospital did not allow for delayed payments and they heavily advised against delaying surgery. So, as of now, Melissa is in debt from Mckenzie’s second surgery on her femur. She wants nothing more but to make sure her best friend is happy and healthy. No matter the cost, she’s got Mckenzie’s back!

Now that Mckenzie has had her second surgery, she needs a lot of rehabilitation. Due to the refracturing and multiple surgeries done to her leg, 10 sessions is the recommended amount of physical therapy with the animal hospital. They have replaced the 2 large pins with 4 small pins and they are positive this will hold. Mckenzie’s recovery looks solid however she MUST have physical therapy in order to regain the full use of her leg again.


Melissa has spent so much already. She’s had Mckenzie since she was able to leave her mother. Over the past 5 years, Melissa and Mckenzie have grown, laughed, played, and loved together. Mckenzie has never suffered once and with this new unexpected injury, Melissa jumped through hoops to save her as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, money and even credit runs out. After dishing out over $4k in surgery costs alone, I think we can help Melissa and Mckenzie with this last bit.

The animal hospital will be administering rehab once payment is made, so, we’ll have to get a jump on this! This campaign will be for her rehabilitation and boarding costs. In the mean time, Melissa will do all she can for Mckenzie at home. However, we want to get her in for rehab ASAP!

PDF of Rehab statements: 

McKenzie Bouligny Rehab Recommedations McKenzie Bouligny Rehab



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