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Swollen foot, possible tumor. This sweet kitty needs an ultrasound in the next few days!

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Max needs an ultrasound urgently. His foot has suddenly swelled up, and it is probably a tumor, cancer perhaps. 

This sweet kitty was adopted years ago when Mandy saw him hiding under cats in the hot California summer. She brought water and food out for him, and one day, he just followed her right home!

He’d been a happy and healthy house cat for many years, until a small bump on his foot suddenly started getting much larger. Max ended up being bounced around a number of vets that didn’t really get to any clear diagnosis, and he cost Mandy money she did not have.

She had recently moved to her parents town, helping them as they are both quite ill. This has left money tight. On Thursday, September 8th, she took him to a doctor, where they were hoping to do a biopsy. Unfortunately, Max’s foot is so swollen now that the doctor was afraid he would not be able to sew up the foot properly after the biopsy. So a change of plans, the doctor suggested just to precede with and amputation of the leg. They did a full blood panel first, and it came back with some bad news.

Max has elevated enzymes in his gallbladder, liver and kidneys, the gallbladder being worst. The doctor cannot risk surgery, so first this needs to be brought under control. Something is stressing out Max’s vital organs. In order to get to the bottom of it, Max needs an ultrasound, and that will cost $520 including the consultation.

Mandy just doesn’t have the funds. The visit on Thursday was another $330 and she has been spending money on Max for a while now. So let’s get this done for this kitty!

It isn’t much, just $520, will make a big difference to Max! He has already stopped eating as much, and has been throwing up sometimes, so he needs a treatment for what is going on urgently! All donations are only for him, and only paid to the vet clinic. Can you help Max get the ultrasound he needs? It isn’t much and all the donations will really go a long way for him!! Thanks!

Vet bill for ultrasound (click to enlarge):

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  • Antoinette Martinez

    Praying for Max

    September 14, 2022 at 5:55 pm Reply