Max Cat

Kitty needs his foot amputated, cancer tumor has not spread, but is too grown into his leg to just remove.

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About the Campaign

Cancer in his foot causing painful swelling,

needs amputation soon!

This sweet kitty was adopted years ago when Mandy saw him hiding under cats in the hot California summer. She brought water and food out for him, and one day, he just followed her right home!

He’d been a happy and healthy house cat for many years, until a small bump on his foot suddenly started getting much larger. Max ended up being bounced around a number of vets that didn’t really get to any clear diagnosis, and he cost Mandy money she did not have.

She had recently moved to her parents town, helping them as they are both quite ill. This has left money tight. We did a fundraiser to get Max the correct tests that he needed, and the results are back with a clear plan.

Max needs his leg amputated. The cancer has not spread, which is great news, but it is too intwined in the foot to just remove the tumor. Cats with three legs do very well, especially if the amputated limb is in the rear, so Max will be fine AND free of cancer. He does have early stage kidney disease, but this can be controlled with diet, and the doctor has cleared him for surgery!

All donations are for Max, and paid to his vet for the amputation surgery directly! Thank you for helping this sweet kitty beat cancer 🙂

Vet estimate (click to enlarge):

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  • Tahitia Ruby

    I’m donating because I feel that Max deserves a chance at life, idk if my small donation makes much of a difference but if we come together any amount that’s donated will add up. God bless you & your moma Max

    October 24, 2022 at 3:09 pm Reply

  • Louisa Jaskulski

    Thank you for helping beautiful kitty in this serious emergency

    October 24, 2022 at 10:54 pm Reply