Max a Million!

Poor Max can't walk! Max needs X-rays and diagnostics tests to come to the root of the problem!
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About the Campaign

This is Max. Only half way through his life and Max can’t walk!! Poor Max has been confined to his crate since April. Such an active little guy shouldn’t have to suffer this much!

What Happened

Back in April, Max was diagnosed with Patella Luxation in both his knees (common in smaller dogs).  His owner, Rosie reached out to Last Call K9 Rescue in order to get him the surgery he needed. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the best of experiences for Max or Rosie.

Instead of doing one leg at a time (which she was under the impression of) the surgeon operated on both legs at the same time. Max was kept for longer than estimated and what was supposed to be an overnight turned into a week. Once the week was up, Rosie was told a surgery to stabilize the knees were performed and Max could go home to his normal life.

At first, Rosie though Max was still healing and it pained him to walk. After sometime of Max being immobile, she went back to the animal hospital and demanded post surgery X-rays.  The hospital told Rosie that his hip was now dislocated and that it must have happened during recovery time. Rosie has kept Max crate confined with limited mobility and done everything she can to care for him properly.

For months (prior to the post surgery X-rays), the animal hospital continued to give Rosie medication (Cod Liver oil, torbutrol and Meloxicam). This wasn’t helping Max, and with a little investigating it’s apparent that these medications don’t do much for dogs that are recovering from MPL surgery.

So, What Now?

Rosie doesn’t want to pursue any legal action, nor can she afford to. She just wants to see Max enjoy his life again. Unfortunately, Last Call K9 Rescue won’t be assisting unless Rosie agrees to surrender Max (with limited resources, this is understandable) .  Max has been with Rosie and her family since he was a puppy, she loves him dearly and just wants to see him walk again.

This is a two part fundraiser! We will be fundraising first for Max’s diagnostics test. He will be see by Dr. Adams a trusted veterinarian at The Pet Depot in Santa Monica. With x-rays and diagnostics the total will be about $300.00. Sorry we don’t have the official estimate for you yet (any left over fundraising will go towards Max’s second campaign for his treatment).

Please Help Max Walk Again !


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  • Maureen Miller

    Keep your dog.
    Don’t surrender him. People will help.
    Or the vet might let you pay it off

    July 4, 2018 at 5:33 am Reply

    • rosie

      Thank you I will NOT surrender my baby I really hate to see him in pain . Hes my 1st child I love him so much!

      July 9, 2018 at 4:10 pm Reply

  • Jacqueline Dodd

    I participated in the dog walk in San Diego last month and found it to be a wonderful organization run by caring people. I lost my boy, Max, to old age last November and want to do something in his memory. Let’s get this Max walking again ASAP!

    July 4, 2018 at 1:34 pm Reply