Mama Puppy

She's a momma, but really just a puppy, found with pregnant with her sister! During her delivery of her puppies we realized she has a broken pelvis, poor thing!
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Mama Puppy!

She’s a momma, but really just a puppy…

…found with pregnant with her sister!

Cleo found these two young Chihuahua ladies at an abandoned house in Alhambra, CA. Of course she could tell one was pregnant! She assumes they are sisters because they are very bonded and run around everywhere together 🙂

The vet thinks they are just a bit over 1 year-old themselves, so Cleo named them “Mama Puppy” and “Sister Puppy”! Mama was so pregnant, and she had the puppies Feb 27th. At that time the pregnancy had some complications and Cleo had to spend her rent money (it was the end of the month) on an emergency C-section.

At that time it was discovered that Mama was in pain in her hips, and the vet found out she has a broken pelvis. Mama needs our help to get better, and Cleo just can’t afford it. Cleo is also looking for help adopting the puppies…. if you know anyone email us at or send us a message on our Facebook Page.

Please help SHARE SHARE SHARE! Let’s get Mama and her puppies all taken care of! Woooooooof!

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