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About the Campaign

Macy is a service dog, and was a rescue!

Her owner Lori got her back in 2010 and later trained her to be a medical service dog who alerts to life threatening medical conditions. Until September of 2021 Macy had been quite healthy, but then Lori got a notice from her landlord. A dog in the complex had contracted Leptospirosis, which there was an outbreak of at that time, and the landlord wanted all residents to know their dog may have been exposed.

Lori took Macy to the vet, and they gave Macy the Leptospirosis vaccine. The problem is that if Macy was infected, giving the vaccine then was not appropriate. It was too late, and could make the situation worse. Now there is no specific way to know for sure, but after this visit Macy got very sick. But Lori did not understand, yet, that the problem was likely the very treatment Macy was receiving.

Macy went back to the same vet, and even was given a Leptospirosis booster shot at one point. Probably another mistake. All of this led to severe liver issues, and Macy also developed some tumors. Was it related, a coincidence? No one be sure, but Lori believes it was malpractice.

The Bottom Line:

Now Macy has developed Cushing’s Disease, a condition of the adrenal glands, which requires a specific test twice a year, and monthly medications. In addition she has to get a yearly ultrasound to check her status. This cost in total over $1500 a year.

But there is another issue, Macy needs dental work. Lori used to get her a yearly dental cleaning, but after Macy got so sick in 2021, part of her condition was an enlarged heart and possible hepatitis in the liver. She meant she couldn’t go under anesthesia and have the dental cleaning. He teeth did get bad, and there is also now the increased danger of plaque and infection in the mouth spreading to the heart.

The good news is that her liver has recovered and her heart is strong enough for anesthesia, but there is one more thing: Poor Lori has spent over $5000 on Macy through all of this and still owes $3000 on Care Credit (a loan for veterinary care). She does not have the money needed right now for Macy’s care.

That’s ok though because this fundraiser is for Macy, and all donations are only for her and only paid to the vet! Macy is now seeing a new doctor in Marina Del Rey for her Cushing’s treatment, and will get her dental work done and Western Pacific University in Pomona. Donations are only paid to them, not to Lori or any other person. So if you want to help Macy continue with the life saving treatments she needs, and get the dental work and tumor removal she can now tolerate, please consider a donation today for her 🙂

Vet estimate for surgery, and estimate for testing (click to enlarge):


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  • Antoinette Martinez

    Get well soon Macy

    January 29, 2023 at 8:11 am Reply