Luna has a hematoma in her ear that gets busted every once and a while
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About the Campaign

Lovely Luna Needs Help

This little five year old terrier mix is in need of ear surgery. She has a recurring blood clot issue causing swelling and pain in her right ear. She is constantly shaking her head and every now and again will bust the hematoma open. A hematoma is typically when blood clots outside of the blood vessels.


Luna’s parent, Catalina isn’t sure how Luna got this hematoma, Catalina says there wasn’t anything major that happened to her ear. This has been going on for weeks without any improvement. The surgery would consist of removal of blood vessels and draining the current clot followed up with closing of the wound.

Take a closer look at the ear flopped down… there is a large sized hematoma. The hematoma weighs so much it pulls her ear down.


How Luna met her family

Catalina’s friends had puppies and offered up one to Catalina. Her family decided to take Luna and Luna has been part of their family since. Catalina and her family are asking for Luna to have a better 2019 without pain!

Click here for Luna’s estimate: LUNA IBARRA

Help me ring in the New Year pain free! -Luna


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  • pamela labastida

    Feel better sweet, Luna!♡

    January 7, 2019 at 10:13 pm Reply

  • Judy Hughes

    Prayers for Luna to get well very soon. Thank you all for caring for her & giving her love & TLC.

    January 8, 2019 at 6:58 pm Reply