Lucy has two bleeding growths on her belly that need to be urgently removed.

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Lucy has some concerning skin tags

Dogs will get these little growths on their skin, especially as they get older. Sometimes we call them “skin tags” or they can be moles or other little bumps. Typically not anything to worry about.

But a couple of weeks ago Lucy’s owner Marlen noticed blood in Lucy’s mouth! At first she thought Lucy had something wrong with a tooth maybe, but didn’t see anything in her mouth. Then she saw it, Lucy was licking at a bleeding bump on her tummy.

There seem to be two of them, one a bit worse than the other. Lucy went to the vet, and the doctor wants to remove both of them and also test, biopsy, them.

Marlen got Lucy when Lucy was about 6 months old. A family was looking for a temporary foster, but they ended up never coming back and Marlen adopted Lucy. Lucy is spayed, and these don’t appear to be mammary tumors, but they are possibly cancerous, and should be removed right away. All donations are paid only to the vet, the estimate it below, click to enlarge:

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