Cancer, but good news is that it has not spread. Best course of action is amputation of the leg.

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Lucky has cancer, but lucky enough it was caught earlier, and has not spread. It is in her right leg, and the doctor says the best course of action is amputation. Three legged dogs do just fine, especially when the amputated leg is one of the rear legs, so Lucky will be just fine with this surgery.

Lucky came to her family eleven years ago, when she was just 6 months old. A neighbor was moving out, and couldn’t take Lucky to their new place. Lucky turned out to be a fantastic family dog! She’s great with everybody, including with the nephew of his mom, Reynaley:

So about two months ago Reynaley notices that Lucky is limping and not walking normally. You can see it in the video above. So for a while they thought maybe she just pulled a muscle or was just getting a bit stiff as she got older. But then they noticed a bulging area on her thigh as well, and so they got her a vet appointment.

The doctor was quite suspicious and wanted to do a biopsy right away. And the doctor was right! A few days later the results came back, and it was cancer. Now as we said, the good news was nothing indicated the cancer had spread, so the doc recommends amputation of the leg, to sort of guarantee all the cancer is removed. But the price! Reynaley just cannot afford it.

They spent about $1000 getting this far, and their Care Credit application was declined. Both Reynaley and her husband had gone back to school, and moved into his brother’s house to save money. The surgery is beyond their ability to pay, and it is fairly urgent. All donations are just for Lucky, and we pay them only to the vet when surgery is performed, never the owner.

Vet estimate —Note: we are working on finding a lower cost option:


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  • Anonymous

    fingers crossed for Lucky!

    September 27, 2022 at 12:27 pm Reply