Little Missy

What started off as a small sore turned into a tennis ball size hole in her tummy!
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About the Campaign

Little Missy

Over eight years ago Tammy and her husband had their cat cross over the rainbow. Tammy’s husband has always had cats and one day Tammy noticed a cat in a store that resembled their cat that had just passed. She decided to take this cat for her husband. They named her Little Missy.

Small Sore

A few months ago Little Missy showed a small sore. Her parents thought it was was her nibble maybe infected. Shortly after they noticed this spot Little Missy started to chew at her spot. Tammy took Little Missy to the vet to have her spot examined. The doctor told her to have Little Missy wear a cone to prevent her from biting the sore. Tammy bought the cone put it on Little Missy but she was able to reach her sore. Then Tammy went to the pet store and bought another cone and of course she was able to reach it. At this point something else had to be done, Tammy decided to put a onesie on Little Missy. This method was able to prevent her from biting at it more. However, there wasn’t enough oxygen and free air getting to the spot so Tammy took her back to the vet. This time Tammy was given a syringe to extract any puss that builds up at that spot.

The sore is now open and has dead skin around the sore. The vet needs to go in and cut out the dead skin and sew her up. The spot doesn’t seem to be causing her too much pain. However, because she is biting at it still the sooner the surgery the better for Little Missy.

Vet Estimate:

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Please help this beautiful cat get the surgery she needs! Remember, we pay the vet directly and 100% of the donations go to Little Missy.

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