He was abandoned when his owners moved, but a neighbor took care of him and has now adopted. Poor Listo though, he has some dental and other problems.
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About the Campaign

Who could leave this guy behind!?

Listo’s current owner, Samira, noticed him hanging around the door of the apartment where people had moved out. She had seen him before, and had been worried he was neglected even before they moved out. Now with his people gone, he just hung out by the door of the empty apartment.

It got even worse, Animal Control came by and was going to take him to the shelter, so Samira had to claim him as her dog, and got hit with fines because he wasn’t licensed or properly fenced! But she paid them so that Listo wouldn’t be taken away!!

Now he’s got a home!

So the great news is that Listo is now legal with Animal Control and adopted by Samira……. but unfortunately he has some serious medical issues and needs to be neutered.

Listo’s Medical:

He’s got dental issues, including worn down and cracked teeth that he probably got from chewing on metal chains or fencing. There is a tumor too, which needs to be removed, and of course the neuter.

Cancer Risk

His tumor is cancerous but has not spread, however it is URGENT to have it removed!

His new owner isn’t rich, and she has already spent a lot of money on him, from fines by Animal Control to vaccinations and some tests, so she really needs everyone’s help to give Listo the life he has always deserved! All donations here are for Listo only, and are only paid for his vet care, including dental surgery, tumor removal, and neutering. Can you help Listo today?

Vet Bill:



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