Internal infection, Pyometra, that must be removed or it will burst and kill her.
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Stray Kitty has an Infected Uterus

Lisana was found stray with another kitten in late October of last year, in Garland Texas. Though it is hot there in the Summer it can be below freezing and snow in the winter, and October was cold. The finder could keep one, but not both kittens, so she asked her friend Ashley who already had one cat, if her cat would need a friend… and Ashley adopted Lisana!


A little more than a week ago, Ashley noticed a discharge from Lisana that kept getting worse. She took her to the vet and Lisana was diagnosed with Pyometra. Pyometra is an infection of the uterus and will eventually burst, killing the cat. In this way it is similar to an Appendicitis in people.


So far Ashley has gotten Lisana on a round of antibiotics to control the infection, but the vet says surgery is required. Though it is not an immediate emergency, it is urgent. Prognosis for this procedure is very good, and Lisana is a young healthy cat that should do very well.

Financial Situation

Ashley suffers PTSD from a serious assault she suffer a few years ago. She is disabled from this, and is only able to work odds jobs such as babysitting. She simply does not have the money for surgery. Remember that your donation is paid only to vet, we never pay the owner! Let’s help this young cat have a full and healthy life, and get past this deadly but easily treated problem! Thank you!

Vet documents (click to enlarge)



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