Lilo snuck out of the house and was attacked by a dog.
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Outside Danger

Lilo is an indoor cat but like most animals are very curious about the outdoors. Minerva, Lilo’s mom, was inside and heard a loud noise outside, she ran outside and saw there was an encounter with her Lilo and a dog. Lilo was hiding in a corner, she grabbed her and took her inside. When Minerva got inside she noticed his eye was out of socket and was bleeding. She immediately rushed Lilo to the emergency clinic.

Immediate Eye Surgery

Once Lilo got to the vet it was imperative she have immediate removal of her eye, an enucleation.  Lilo was in pain and the doctor’s didn’t want the eye to cause an infection.  Lilo since then has healed from this incident but at the eye check up the doctors confirmed she had mandibular symphysis, meaning her jaw isn’t aligned. Her lower teeth were hitting against the top gums causing inflammation and irritation.


Lilo has her jaw wired in place. The wiring of the jaw is to correct the mandibular symphysis. It isn’t known if the trauma from the dog attack caused this. The good news is the vet did the jaw surgery for half price. Lilo is also acting himself again, playing, eating and drinking.

Lilo’s mom is a college student who spend all her savings last year trying to save her other cat in liver failure. Minerva wasn’t sure about getting a new kitten after her last cat passed but Lilo was a gift from her dad. She couldn’t turn down Lilo once she saw her.

Lilo’s mom put the deposit on her Care Credit Card but Inland Valley Veterinary is allowing us to raise funds to pay for the surgery directly to them.

Vet Bills:


Lilo’s Gofundme account was created but not too successful this is when Minerva turned to Free Animal Doctor:

All donations will be paid directly to the vet.


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One comment

  • Ben and Morgan Moonbeam

    We have a kitty too and just wanted to say don’t give up I’m sure you will earn the money to cover the surgeries.

    January 13, 2019 at 7:43 pm Reply