Doctor discovered a tumor in her throat during a dental procedure. It is growing and needs to be removed before it chokes her.

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Tumor in her throat

must be removed soon!

Lilly went to the doctor for her yearly dental check up, and had to have a couple teeth removed. Preparing for surgery, the doctor noticed a tumor in her throat, probably on a tonsil.

A few years ago Lilly’s owner died. Lily was left in home that could not care for her, the mother was quite sick, the son was a paraplegic and the only healthy member of the family was caring for them both, with little spare time or money. Lilly’s diet was “Whatever I can find at the 99cent store”.

Fortunately, Pat Buttress heard of the case, went to visit the family, and they agreed to give Lilly to Pat. Pat adopts only rescue dogs, and the ones she adopts come from difficult situations or have terminal medical conditions.  Lilly’s situation certainly was difficult. She had ear infections, skin infections, and bad teeth. In all Pat spent over $1500 getting her back into good health, but it was money well spent, and Lilly has been healthy, and a happy member of Pat’s pack ever since!

Lilly and her pack 

This tumor surgery is difficult to pay for, it requires a specialist which Pat has already consulted, and special equipment. Due to the location there can be complications in surgery with bleeding. Pat is 79 years old, and still working! She has some money she can contribute, but the cost is just too high to cover it all. This is a great opportunity for all of us to not only help Lilly, but to support someone who is really helping the rescue community and dogs! If we had more people that fostered seniors and dogs with hospice needs it would be fantastic, so let’s support those that do 🙂

The tumor, photographed during Lilly’s dental procedure:

All donations here are paid only to Veterinary Surgical Specialists (great doctors!) when Lilly has her procedure. The estimate is below, click to enlarge:

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