Rescued from abuse in Mexico, Leo found a home! But he needs chemotherapy, not for cancer, but for a rare condition called TVT.

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Leo’s Path to Recovery:

A Tale of Resilience and Hope

Meet Leo, a dog whose story is both heartbreaking and inspiring. Rescued from a life of unimaginable abuse in Mexico, where he was beaten, shot, and even tortured with a firecracker, Leo’s journey to recovery began when he was fostered by Jessica in January. Having lost her beloved Labrador just before, Jessica saw something special in Leo and decided to take him in.

They soon formed a bond, with Jessica training him and getting him ready for a family. Though originally intended to be fostered, Leo seemed like the perfect addition to her home. Eventually, Jessica’s care turned to love, and she decided to make Leo a permanent part of her family.

Shortly after adopting him, however, Jessica noticed something was wrong. Leo was diagnosed with TVT, a type of STI found in Mexico, requiring chemotherapy treatment. This wasn’t cancer, but the treatment was nonetheless essential for Leo’s recovery. The path ahead was not easy; he needed 8 rounds of chemo, a financial burden that Jessica, already struggling with expenses from her last dog’s passing in December, found challenging. Read more about TVT here.

Despite the financial hardships, Jessica remained devoted to Leo. She’s been there for him through it all, and her determination to give him a good life after everything he’s been through is unwavering. Generously, a cancer vet donated $2200 towards his treatment, and a friend sponsored one round of chemo. These acts of kindness gave Jessica a head start, but she still needed help with the remaining 5 rounds.

Jessica plans to start the first round of chemo on this week (first week of August), and we are reaching out to compassionate individuals like you to help with Leo’s remaining treatment. Any contributions towards Leo’s medical care will make a significant impact and ensure he receives the necessary care. All donations are paid only to the vet, Jessica receives no payments.

Leo’s story is a profound reminder of the resilience, love, and hope that shines even in the darkest moments. By coming together, we can ensure that Leo continues to thrive in a loving home with Jessica, who has given so much to help him heal. Your generosity means the world to Leo and Jessica, and we thank you for your compassion and support!

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  • sari@almondtalent.com

    Leo and Jessica’s beautiful story cannot end yet. I am hoping we have raised enough for one more round of chemo; one step at a time we will get there!

    September 8, 2023 at 5:11 pm Reply

    • Jessie

      Thank you!

      I appreciate everyone’s support. Leo’s journey continues. His 2 tumors have shrunk down to the size of a dime. Unfortunately it doesn’t look like 8 rounds will be enough to cure poor Leo. I will find out on Monday 9/25/23 what our next step will be. Our Vet is looking into alternative chemo as the chemo they usually use in situations like this is 4x’s the amount of the current chemo Leo is being treated with. We may even have to go the route of radiation or surgery. I am it sure at this time. I will update once I see our vet 9/25/23.

      Thank you & much love,

      Jessie & Leo

      September 18, 2023 at 12:02 pm Reply