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Leo is in need of urgent surgery for a comminuted fracture and displacement of his right femur. The beloved feline was missing for 9 days before crawling back into his owner’s home, and the cause of his injury is unknown.

Leo is not just any ordinary cat, he is a part of the family. He was adopted by Eldina and her family two years ago, along with his brother Simba. Leo and Simba were both from the same litter and were both found on craigslist. Leo is the short hair and Simba is the long hair. From the moment Eldina brought them home, they both brought joy and happiness to the family. They were not just pets, but members of the family. They were loved by Eldina’s kids and parents.

Leo is known for his playful and energetic personality. He would always be running around the house, chasing after his toys and playing with his brother. He would always greet Eldina and her family with a meow and a rub of his head. He would always be there to comfort them when they were feeling down. He was their little ray of sunshine.

Unfortunately, recent events have made it difficult for Eldina to afford Leo’s surgery. Eldina’s mother, a hospital worker, slipped and fell on concrete, severely injuring her back. Eldina has been helping her mother with a lawsuit for workers compensation and an application for disability, but they have yet to hear back. Additionally, Eldina’s father was discriminated against for his chronic heart failure at work and was forced to leave his job. Due to these events, Eldina moved in to care for her parents and had to leave her job, She works in healthcare doing intake type stuff, but her financial situation is tight. The cost of Leo’s x-rays and medicine has already reached $280, and the estimate for his surgery is $10,000.

Donations are specifically for Leo, and only paid to the vet, never the owners or other individual. Donate to Leo knowing your help will go right to him!

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  • Anonymous

    Wish I had more to give. Hope he gets well.

    January 18, 2023 at 9:15 pm Reply