Poor guy tore his knee and now can barley walk, and he's only 4 years old!
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Leo has a torn ACL

He can’t put any weight on his left leg

In dogs the ligament similar to the ACL in humans will not heal on it’s own. If it is torn or damaged, the only repair is surgical. You can read about this here.

A couple months ago Leo was at his doggy day care and was running and playing with some other dogs. Suddenly he yelped, and stopped playing. After that he was limping. His owner Chynna took him to the vet, and he had a series of x-rays and exams. The doctor determined that poor Leo had torn his ACL and referred him to a specialist.

On December 4th Leo met the specialist and got an estimate for his surgery. This type of surgery (TPLO) is never cheap, and the $3400 price is in the normal range.

Financial situation

Leo’s owner is just 20 and works as an assistant at a vet clinic, she was able to pay for and arrange all Leo’s diagnosis and consultations,  but she does not have the money for the surgery. She was also declined by Care-Credit for a loan. Leo is counting on everyone to come together and help him get the surgery he needs!

TPLO surgery has a very high success rate, and Leo is just 4 years old….. with this surgery his knee will be fixed and he can go back to living a normal, happy, hopping and running dog life! Can you help Leo today?

Vet estimate for TPLO surgery (click to enlarge):

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