Needs an MRI urgently to get proper care.
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Kitty needs and MRI!

Lazzy, a beloved feline companion of Cassandra, is in dire need of medical attention. In December, Lazzy suddenly stopped using his back legs and lost control of his bowels. Cassandra, already facing financial difficulties as they were going through bankruptcy, took Lazzy to an emergency vet with the limited funds they had. An appointment was made with a neurologist to determine the cause of Lazzy’s condition, but the tests have yet to be done.

The neurologist suspects that Lazzy may have an infection, injury, or cancer on his spine, but an MRI is needed to confirm the diagnosis and provide an appropriate treatment plan. Unfortunately, the cost of the MRI is too high for Cassandra and they are unable to afford it. They have spent $1100 on tests so far, but it is not enough to cover the cost of the MRI.

Cassandra has been doing everything she can to raise the necessary funds, including working for food delivery services like DoorDash. Despite her efforts, the funds are still not enough. This is where the community can help. We are reaching out to anyone who can donate to help cover the cost of the MRI for Lazzy. Any amount, no matter how small, will be greatly appreciated.

Lazzy is a beloved member of the community and Cassandra is doing her best to provide the best care for him. With your help, we can ensure that Lazzy gets the proper diagnosis and treatment he needs. All donations are held by Free Animal Doctor and only paid to the veterinarian when Lazzy gets her MRI and care at the vet!

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One comment

  • Antoinette Martinez

    Hope Lazzy gets her tests soon & vet finds out what:s wrong. Get well!

    February 25, 2023 at 10:08 am Reply