Larry’s Last Surgery

Larry is on his third medial patella luxation surgery. His mom a college student needs assistance with hopefully his last surgery.
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About the Campaign

Poor Larry

Larry had a fundraiser for this second knee surgery back on January 25th. He now needs his third surgery. Here is his previous campaign:

Larry has been on crate rest since the end of January! This pup needs to walk again! 

The update on Larry:

Is Larry in pain right now? He seems to be in pain mostly at night. He has developed restless leg syndrome in his left leg causing him to kick for hours throughout the night causing it to be swollen in the morning. 

Is he able to walk right now OR still on crate rest? He is able to walk..when he runs it does pop out so since he is an active puppy we are keeping him on crate rest to stop him from causing more damage.

How did you know there was an issue with healing? After the surgery on Jan 25th his knee is still popping out. 

Did the doctor say that this hardware problem is normal? It’s not really normal.  But after his surgery Larry had bad tendinitis swelling and it didn’t allow for the hardware to heal in the proper spot which is why it is still popping out .

The vet is covering most of the surgery? Can you let us know why? The surgeon understands that a third surgery is a big hit on my finances and he wants to see Larry be at 100% so they were able to work this out with me.

-The vet is giving a huge discount for the final surgery. The bill is only going to be $500.

Click the blue link to view: Estimate_157624

Before Larry’s injury… he was hiking.

Now Larry is stuck in his crate.


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