This cute little mess has a serious condition: Nares. Her nose is swelling shut and she cannot breathe.

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Laney was a “Bonus” dog,

that turned out to be the cutest big mess!

Here’s what happened: Soul 2 Soul Animal Rescue in Oregon rescues larger dogs, including Pitt Bull types, from over crowded shelters in California. This is difficult rescue work because these larger dogs can require professional trainers, breed knowledgeable foster homes, and are hard to get adopted.

So one of the shelters wanted to do something nice for Donna, the founder of Soul 2 Soul, and they sent her rescue Laney! Laney is a the cutest little Pug, only about 4-5 years old, and the shelter thought Laney would almost be a gift! A happy, well behaved and healthy little Pug that would quickly, and easily be adopted. Perfect, right?

Well, no. It turned out Laney has a lot of problems. The most serious is Stenotic Nares, a birth defect where the nostrils start to swell, and it blocks breathing. A minor form of this is common in Pugs, but Laney’s condition is getting worse, and when that happens it does not get better. She needs surgery, or eventually the condition will kill her. You can read more detail about it HERE.

But Laney isn’t the kind of girl to have just one problem! She also has Entropion. Put simple: her eyelids invert, and rub against the eye. It’s painful, and leads to eye damage. Did we say eye damage? Oh, also, her eyes bulge and she has vision loss in both of them.

Laney getting her eyes tested:

Ok, that’s a lot of bad news. Here is the GOOD news: Laney is a very sweet, well-behaved dog. She is well trained, she is fun, she is playful, and, as you can see, she is very cute. A Pug lover out there will love her! She just needs to get healthy. And the rescue did not expect, nor prepare for this expense. Donna has arranged surgery for Laney’s eyes and nose, and the cost is very low for the combination of these two procedures.

If Laney can get healthy, she will get a great home! So let’s get her healthy, all donations are for her, and go straight to the rescue, a 501c3 non-profit. No fee is deducted, 100% goes to help Laney. Thank you!

Vet estimates (click to enlarge):

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