Laney needs a swollen eye removed.
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About the Campaign

We saved one eye,

but the other has to go!

At the end of last year we did a fundraiser for little Laney to get both eye surgery and NARES surgery. The rescue Soul2Soul in Oregon had taken Laney out of an overcrowded California shelter, only to find out she had these serious problems.

That fundraiser was successful, and Laney had surgery. It was a long procedure, as it was very difficult to fix the problem with her eyes, so the doctors did not do the NARES procedure. And in fact Laney did have a short seizure after the procedure, almost certainly because of the excessive anesthesia and her being so small, so it was clearly the right decision not to prolong the procedure.

The problem for Laney now:

Laney’s right eye has gotten worse. The good news is her left eye is going to be OK, and is very good. The right one is almost blind anyway, but it is swelling now, badly, and must be removed.

At the same time she is having the removal surgery the doctors will now do the NARES that was needed last time. You can see on the estimate (down below) that there is NO CHARGE for the NARES surgery as this was already paid for. What Laney needs is the cost of the eye removal and some medications.

You can see her previous successful campaign HERE. And below is the estimate (click it to enlarge):

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