Open wound will not heal and he needs light therapy and possibly a skin graft.

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Open wound will not heal

Kylo is really just a puppy, he’s a year-old and had mysterious swelling of his legs some months ago. You can see what that looked like:

It started in one leg, got better, and then showed up on the other, his right leg. But then there was a literal burst through the skin and a rupture, like a ruptured tumor. The doctor was not sure if it was a bug bite, or what had originally caused the swelling, but the rupture was bad and required surgery. That was in early March, and cost over $2000.

After initial surgery:

The problem since then is that there is not enough skin to heal over the wound. The doctor’s tried, but their is no way to close the wound, so Kylo has been getting twice daily bandage changes for weeks, but with little improvement. Below you can see how the wound looks now, and how it is bandaged.



The doctor has now scheduled Kylo for light-therapy. This procedure will help regrow and strengthen the skin without a skin graft. If Kylo can get enough skin growth around the wound, he can get it stitched closed, and it should then heal on it’s own. But at the current size of the open wound, this body is not healing to shut the wound. The procedure is about $150 per session and will require multiple sessions and a regular doctor visit as well.

His owner Michelle already spent her Christmas bonus on Kylo’s surgery and does not have enough money available for this new therapy. All donations here are for Kylo to get his treatment (light therapy) and are only paid to the veterinarian directly.

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  • Manuela Marie Kaufmann

    Blessings and much healing
    We love you sweet darling boy Kylo from all your friends in Canada πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

    April 9, 2024 at 2:32 am Reply